Animal Hospital New Patient F.A.Q.

Our team looks forward to meeting you and your pet!

At East Bay Pet Hospital and Bay Area Pet Hospital, we strive to meet the highest standards in veterinary medicine while creating the best possible experience for you and your pets. The following answers to our most frequently asked questions will help you prepare for your first visit.

It’s my pet’s first time at one of your clinics. What should I bring?

Please bring any previous medical records with you, and if you’re coming for a wellness visit and it’s been more than six months since your pet was tested for parasites, please bring a stool sample for your first appointment. It is important that the sample be no older than 24 hours. If necessary, you can store it in a container in a refrigerator prior to your visit. If your pet takes any medications or supplements on a regular basis, please bring these in as well.

Do I need an appointment to be seen by a doctor?

We see wellness patients on an appointment basis. An appointment is also recommended for sick but not urgent medical needs. If your pet is too ill to wait for a scheduled appointment, our emergency veterinarians are available for urgent care and emergency walk-in appointments 24 hours a day.

Can a doctor diagnose my pet over the phone?

As there are many possible causes of malaise in pets that can present with similar symptoms, a thorough physical exam is necessary to make a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations for your pet.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you offer payment plans?

For your convenience, both East Bay Pet Hospital and Bay Area Pet Hospital accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover payments. We do not offer payment plans, but we do work with CareCredit, a healthcare financing company.

Can I fill another veterinarian’s prescription at your hospital?

We are only able to fill a medical prescription for a pet that has received a physical examination at one of our hospitals within the past year.

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